Make-ups: A make-up class can be scheduled at an alternate class or a student can bring a friend to class. All make-ups must be made within the semester.

Refunds: There are no refunds after the first 2 weeks of class. The registration fee will be deducted from the refund. A credit will be considered for a long term illness or injury.  



MK Dance reserves the right to cancel any class that is under enrolled.  


MK Dance will generally follow the Hastings Public Schools. MK Dance will send an email and post on the website if there is a delay or cancellation. MK Dance is not responsible for snow day closings. 


TOTS/TODDLER CLASSES - Please come to class comfortable to dance. Class is taken in 

bare feet for both child and adult.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT- Dancers should have hair pulled back off the face. Clothing worn to class should be comfortable and easy to move around in. Dancers can wear leotards, footless tights, leggings, sweatpants or shirts. No costumes, tight skirts, dresses or denim. Classes are taken in bare feet.

BALLET- Proper ballet shoes are required. Hair must be pulled back in bun or ponytail. Dancers should wear a leotard, tights or leggings.

MOVEMENT CLASS FOR BOYS - Dancers should wear sweatpants and t-shirt or tank top. 

Classes are taken in bare feet.

MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY - Dancers should have hair pulled back off the face. Dancers should wear proper dance attire: leotards or tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, footless tights or sweatpants. Class is taken in bare feet.

HIP HOP - Dancers should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and sneakers (please be sure bottom of sneakers are clean to help preserve the dance floor). 


As this space is shared with other programs, we ask that you please pull all the way up in the spaces. Parking is limited so additional options for parking are:  

  • Park along the road that is parallel to Broadway (the road is actually called Broadway as well but there is no street sign for it). From St. Matthew's go through the light but bear to the right a bit onto the side road.
  • Hillside Ave - next to the High School (there may be some street parking along that street)
  • Chauncy Lane - coming from St. Matthew's, turn right at the first intersection. Follow road along playground and park by the tennis courts (cut through the park to walk over to class)
  • FYI- Parking is permitted after 3:30pm on Farragut Avenue in front of the church.


No cell phone use during the class: To respect the privacy of the other students, we ask that there are no photos or videos taken during class.

Food, drinks and toys (including pacifiers, bottles, and transitional objects) should not be brought into the class, as they serve as distractions to others and are not easily shared. No eating during the class. Children will quickly learn the classroom routine.

Please make every effort to arrive on time. The first few minutes of class are especially important for your child to explore, ramble and socialize BEFORE the teacher begins the class. Omitting this valuable “free” time is sometimes frustrating for a child and makes it difficult to join in the “structured time”.

Drop-Off Classes:

  • Please be sure that the dancers have a chance to use the bathroom before class begins. This will help eliminate disruptions during class...thank you!
  • In the drop-off classes, parents and caregivers are asked to wait outside the studio during class.

Tots/Toddler Classes:

  • Be sure to remember that each child will respond to the class in their own unique way. Some children explore and move constantly while others may need extra reassurance by being held. Follow your child’s initiative: hold them or give them distance as they require but always remain an active participant yourself.
  • You are your child’s most important teacher and example.  Through our own (parent, caregiver and teacher) example we teach the advantages of careful listening and focus, kindness to others, joyful participation, and appreciation for everyone’s efforts. Your willing example in the adult/child classes will help to ensure a climate of accomplishment and fun.

Please contact us at michelle@mkdancellc.com with any questions or concerns you may have.